Compu Fire 2.0kw Gen3 Starter Motor – Black. Fits Big Twin 1989-2006.

Part No: CF-53705


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Features & Benefits:-

* Engineered for cranking large displacement, high compression engines

* Produces more cranking power with half the current draw of similar 2kw starters

* High energy neodymium magnets & high efficiency motor windings

* 6:1 planetary gear reduction.

* Splined output shaft, stepped jackshaft bolt, and shortened case allow one part number to cover all carburetted Big Twins from 1990-2006.

Tech Tips:-

* 1999-2006 Fuel Injected engines require faster cranking speed – use Compu-Fire Starter Part Number CF-53900

* BDL Open Belt Drives require adapter Part Number CF-53507

* Advanced timing, High Compression, & Increased cubic capacity can cause failure of Ring Gear, Pinion Gear teeth & Starter Clutch.

* S&S Easy Start Cams are the most reliable option for decreasing compression during start-up on Twin Cam Engines. Electronic or Manual compression releases are options for Evo Engines.

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