2D Joint Venture Pty Ltd (the company), ABN: 47626225125 is a small operation that trades as Birds Bike Bitz. Our principle business is the retail sale of after-market motorcycle parts and accessories.

The company is based at 4/30 Dickson Road Caboolture South and operates a shop front and internet business from the same location. The company sells to the public at various levels of pricing through the web based shopping cart. A small range of products are available for purchase through the retail outlet.

As a retail outlet, the company works on a cash basis and does not run accounts.

For more information see our detailed “About Us” information page.


These terms & conditions apply to each and every sale of goods, items or services to persons, businesses or entities, hereon referred to as the buyer, by the company. No alteration will be considered unless determined by the company.

The application of these terms and conditions to such transactions may not be modified, altered or varied by any person or organisation other than the company.

Conditions of Use

All persons, companies & entities using this website do so for the sole purpose of obtaining information on the range of products made available by the company. No other purpose is implied, intended or accepted by the company.

All persons, companies entities using this shopping cart facility attached to this website, do so for the sole purpose of purchasing the range of products made available by the company. No other purpose is implied, intended or accepted by the company.

Privacy Policy

The company will collect the buyer personal information for the sole purpose of conducting business through the shopping cart. This includes the publication and transmission of newsletters relevant to the products available from the company.

At no time will this information be sold, traded or passed on to a third party for the purposes of marketing or Spamming.

The company will make every effort and take all necessary steps to ensure personal information remains confidential. At no time will information be passed on to a third person or entity, other than as required by law. Information may where required under legislation and for the purposes of carrying out legitimate law enforcement activity be passed on to Law enforcement agencies, however only as directed by lawful warrant.

Buyers have the right to UNSUBSCRIBE from newsletter or information mail-outs conducted by the company. The company respects this right and will exclude the details of any buyer who so wishes from all newsletter and information mail-outs.

No other conditions apply to the application of this privacy policy, other than as may become part of law in Australia.

For more information see our detailed “Privacy Policy” information page.


The company will endeavour to maintain prices, however, all advertised prices are subject to change without notice. Prices shown on this website will be honored until the publication of altered prices occurs.

Previously published prices or information stored in cache memory or saved versions of outdated web pages do not constitute proof of price.

Purchase & Payment

All transactions for the supply of goods, are conducted on a receipted payment before supply policy. Such conduct will constitute the contract of sale between the company and the buyer and completion of sale is determination that the buyer has sufficiently examined and is satisfied with the item or service being purchased.

All payments are to be made through one of a number of acceptable methods which include and are limited to: Payment to the PayPal account of the company; payment through direct deposit to the bank account of the company; payment by credit card that is directed to the bank account of the company; payment in cash to the company through an authorised company employee or money collector of the company.

The company does not accept personal or business cheques, does not send product via C.O.D. or other alternate collection methods.


Orders may not be cancelled once contracted, completed and paid in full, irrespective to the physical location of the goods, except with the express permission of the company. Such permission will only be granted under the condition that the buyer will agree to pay all costs to recover, restore and restock the items in question.

A standard restocking fee of 30% of the goods plus all prepaid shipping and handling costs will be incurred by the buyer. Where items are sold on a freight free basis, the actual cost to the company for shipping will apply and be deducted from any refund.

Ownership & Liability

Ownership of goods and services will only pass to the buyer when paid in full. Transfer of the physical item or conduct of the required service will only occur once payment has been received in full. The company will hold ownership rights until such payment is received, irrespective of the method of transaction.

Ownership transfers to the buyer once payment has been made. Liability for all product & services transfers to the buyer once payment has been made and irrespective of the location of the goods or stage of service being provided.

Such responsibility will include but not be limited to; risk in transit and insurance.

The company will endeavour to ensure that dispatch and delivery is conducted in a timely and efficient manner. However, the company does not accept responsibility for situations that may occur and are out of the companies control. Such situations may include but are not limited to stoppages, transport breakdowns, earthquakes, acts of god, war or accidents.


All fully paid orders, received on any business day (excluding public holiday), before 14:00 hours A.E.S.T. will be dispatched on the same day. Orders received after 14:00 hours A.E.S.T. or on weekends & public holidays will be dispatched the next business day. A business day is defined as any day, Monday to Friday that is not a public holiday.

The company uses and prefers Australia Post. Where possible, orders will be sent via Australia Post. Local orders may from time to time be sent via a courier service.

All Accounts must have a valid Home address. Login accounts with PO Box or parcel collect addresses will be deleted and orders that do not specify a residential or workplace street address for delivery will not be shipped until such information is supplied.

Small orders, up to 500 gms may be sent as large letters where possible. Other orders up to 5 kg may be sent via satchel where possible. Orders over 5 kg will be sent as parcels. Where available, tracking numbers will be provided for the purpose of following the progress of the parcel and provide proof of delivery.

Shipping Insurance on items is the responsibility of the buyer. Shipping insurance will be added to all orders upon request.

“Authority to Leave” is not an option for orders sent by the company. Responsibility for lost or stolen parcels falls to the buyer in the event the items are lost or stolen. The company will not be responsible or refund for lost or stolen items should the buyer choose this option.

For more information see our detailed “Shipping” information page.


The company offers a limited warranty on all products. This warranty extends to manufacturing defects only and is subject to immediate inspection at time of receipt by the buyer.

All warranty applications for such defects must be received by the company within 7 days of receipt of the items. The company strictly precludes claims of warranty for product failure that can be attributed to, or incurred through inappropriate, incorrect or dangerous application and use of the product.

All warranty claims must be accompanied by photographic evidence or presentation of the product to the company business address, prior to consideration. Such presentation does not infer acceptance of the claim.

At all times, the buyer should first consult with the company prior to taking any action with respect to returning, handling or using the product should a warranty claim be made.

For more information see our detailed “Warranty Refunds & Returns” information page. 


Please choose carefully. We do not accept returns because you change your mind or order the wrong colour, size or feature.

We will accept returns where statutory requirements exist and where the item has a manufacturing defect, except where the item description clearly states the nature of the defect and the item is sold as a ‘second’.

Shipping damage claims must be placed through the courier. Claims for shipping damage and refunds for returns will only be processed where photographic evidence is provided of a damaged parcel and damaged contents. It is the receivers responsibility NOT to sign for or accept a parcel if it is damaged.

Refunds for warranty returns will only be processed after confirmation of acceptance of claim by the company. Return of warranty items is at the discretion of the company.

Refunds for non-warranty issues will only be processed after the goods are returned in original packaging and undamaged.

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.

For more information see our detailed “Warranty Refunds & Returns” information page.

Entry Point

Thank you for taking the time to read these Terms & Conditions. By proceeding to our catalogue and shopping cart you are confirming that you have read and agree with our terms and conditions. Upon entry you will have access to our product information and Shopping Cart facility.