S&S 110ci Power Pack Kit with 585 Chain Drive Easy Start Camshafts – Black. Fits Big Twin 2007-2017.

Part No: SS330-0668


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Features & Benefits:-

* 4in. Bore Cylinder and piston kit. (No case machining required.)

* S&S 585 Easy Start Chain Drive Cams.

* TC3 Oil Pump & TC3 Cam Plate.

* S&S cam chain tensioners.

* Quickee Adjustable Pushrods with Chrome Covers.

* S&S Premium Tappets.

* 10.5:1 Compression with OEM Heads.

* 10.3:1 Compression with S&S Heads # SS106-3240.

Tech Tips:-

* Use Care during assembly to avoid damage to Cylinder Spigots.

* Ring gaps must be checked & Recorded by the assembling Technician.

* Piston to Cylinder Clearance must be checked by the assembling Technician & Cylinders honed with torque plates fitted if required.

* Rev Limit should be set at 2500 rpm for the first 80klm.

* Rev Limit should then be set at 3500 rpm for a further 1,500klm.

* To prevent Detonation, Over fuelling etc a Proven EFI Map is required to adjust the Factory Fuel & Timing Calibrations & bring your Engine into Equilibrium with your new Mods.

Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cycle !

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