James Gaskets Inc Crank Case Saver Gasket Kit. Fits Big Twin 1985-2006.

Part No: JGI-11125-XM


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Features & Benefits:-

* Includes Gasket to Replace O’Ring Seal when the Lip of the Motor is Partially or Entirely Broken Off.

* Includes Special Lock Tabs.

* Includes RCM Gasket.

* Sold as a Kit.

Tech Tips:-

* To Avoid Machining & Welding, Grind the Partially Broken Lip Smooth & Install the Gasket.

* Rubber Covered Metal (RCM) is used in a variety of Applications. It’s Steel Core is Coated on Both Sides with a Thin Rubber Layer for Exceptional Sealing &Torque Retention.

Proudly Made in the USA by James Gaskets !

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