Rollies Speed Shop 5in. KPH Speedometer. Fits FXWG & FLH 1981-1984 with 4 speed Transmission & Softail 1984-1995.

Part No: BAI-21-0871A


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Features & Benefits:-

* 2240:60 Ratio – whilst the speedometer will read in KPH, the odometer will record in miles.

* Typically fits all Softail models 1984-1990, FXWG with 4 Speed Transmission from 1984-1986 & FL 4 Speed Transmission Models from 1981-1984 with front wheel speedometer drives.

Fitment Notes:

1.) Softail 1984-1990 requires the purchase of Trip Knob # BAI-21-0853B & a Speedo Cable with 12mm Nut.

2.) To retro fit to Softail 1991-1995 requires the purchase of Big Twin ’68-90 Dash # BAI-12-0043, Self Canceling Indicator Module # BMP-ATS-03 (wiring modifications required) & a Speedo Cable with 12mm Nut.

* Replaces OEM #’s 67030-81 & 67030-91

Tech Tips:-

* Requires a speedo cable with a 12mm nut.

* This Speedometer is a lesser quality Replica of the Original. Odometer and Speedometer reading may not be accurate. For those seeking a Quality Replacement, please purchase a USA made, Dakota Digital unit.

*On Line Shopping Only

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