S&S Oil Filters – Black. Fits Softail 1984-1999, Sportster 1984-2021, FXR 1983-1994, Touring 1980-1998 & Buell 1995-2002. Box of 12.

Part No: SS310-0239


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Features & Benefits:-

* Sold as a Pack of 12.

Tech Tips:-

* Oil flows in to the outer part of the oil filter & exits thru the Centre Threaded portion of the filter.

* Experience has shown that using an oil filter designed for a Twin Cam Engine 1999-2006 in a Evolution Engine 1984-1999, often results in oil blowing out of the crankcase breather.

* Twin Cam filters, are finer & more restrictive plus they have the extra restriction of the anti-drain back valve, whichcan both reduce oil scavenging.

* If the oil cannot freely return to the oil tank, it will accumulate in the crankcase until eventually, it is forced out of the crankcase breather.

* Use the Correct Filter !

*On Line Shopping Only

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