Privacy Policy

The company will collect the buyers personal information for the sole purpose of conducting business through the shopping cart. This includes the publication and transmission of newsletters relevant to the products available from the company.

At no time will this information be sold, traded or passed on to a third party for the purposes of marketing or Spamming.

The company will make every effort and take all necessary steps to ensure personal information remains confidential. At no time will information be passed on to a third person or entity, other than as required by law. Information may where required under legislation and for the purposes of carrying out legitimate law enforcement activity be passed on to Law enforcement agencies, however only as directed by lawful warrant.

Buyers have the right to UNSUBSCRIBE from newsletter or information mail-outs conducted by the company. The company respects this right and will exclude the details of any buyer who so wishes from all newsletter and information mail-outs.

No other conditions apply to the application of this privacy policy, other than as may become part of law in Australia.