Feuling Race Series Oiling System. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with Oil Cooled Engine.

Code: FE-7097


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In stock


Features & Benefits:-

* Billet Aluminum high volume oil pump

* Race Series 7075 hard annodizsed Billet Aluminium camplate

* Race Series Hydraulic roller lifters and cam installation kit.

* Combines all the needed components to finish your M8® engines oiling system under 1 Part number.

* Increases oil pressure, oil volume, engine oil flow and return oil scavenging.

* May reduce wet sumping and oily air cleaners.

* Test results show 15-25 degree coolerengine temperatures & 15-30 degree cooler oil temperatures.

* Increase in H.P. & Torque

* Helps eliminate pressure and scavenge issues associated with the factory oiling systems.

Tech Tips:-

* Gear drive cams require Block-off Plate part # FE-8016

* Not suitable for Screaming Eagle 131ci

Replaces OEM # 62400260

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