Feuling BA Air Cleaner Kit – Chrome with Clear Cover. Fits Touring 2017up & Softail 2018up.

Part No: FE-5538


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Features & Benefits:-

With years of experience designing improved intake ports and intake manifolds, brings light to a new bolt-on air cleaner design for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Feuling BA air cleaner lengthens the intake and delivers increased velocity and volume into the intake track.

The BA air cleaner features a high flow billet aluminum velocity stack with optimal opening and internal (ID) taper down to a direct match of the throttle body. The velocity stack is wrapped in a highflow air filter and encased with a one piece billet cage. The backing plate is setup with optimized breather vent locations and uses the standard cylinder head breathers. Engraved logos including MADE IN USA give the final touch.

Tech Tips:-

Feuling offer an External Breather Kit # FE-5417 for engines with high blow by

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