Cometic Gaskets Head & Base Gasket Set. 0.030in. MLS Head Gasket, 0.014in. Base. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with OEM 107 to 124 or OEM 114 to 128 & 4.250in. Big Bore Kit.

Code: CG-C10181-HB-030-014


In stock

In stock



* 2017up Milwaukee-Eight

* 4.250in. Bore

* Used when upgrading OEM 107ci to 124ci or OEM 114ci to 128ci Or

* Head Gaskets MLS 0.030in. thick (thinner than OEM)

** Provides an additional increase in compression.

** Remember to check your clearances.

* Base Gaskets RC 0.014in. thick (OEM thickness)

Warning : Use of these head gaskets without proper clearance checks can lead to catastrophic engine failure

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