New Rage Cycles 360 degrees Front Turn Signal with Clear Lens – Chrome. Fits Street 500 2015-2020 with 37mm Fork Tubes.

Code: NRC-RAGE-360-37


In stock

In stock


Features & Benefits:-

Rage360 Turn Signals offer the latest in front signal design, giving you nearly 360 degrees of light that’s never been done before. Molded PETG tubing with incredible memory forming capabilities, our one of a kind design will snap on to any fork tube without sacrificing durability.

Installation has never been easier:

* No hardware required to mount

* For a tight fit, Adhesive strips and rubber sleeve’s are supplied.

* No disassembling of fork tubes

* Anyone can install, regardless of mechanical expertise!

Tech Tips;

* Adhesive strip to be applied to inside bend on the turnsignal where it will sit on the fork.

* Clear rubber sleeves are fitted to the end of each side of the turn signal.

* Windex helps the plastic slide around the fork tube easily.

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