Hawg Halters 3 Degree Raked 39mm Wide Glide Conversion Triple Tree Kit – Chrome. Fits Sportster 1988-2003, FXR 1988-1994 & Dyna 1991-2005.



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Requires the purchase of:-

1. Wide glide conversion kit (axle, axle spacers, fender spacers, disc spacer)

* HHI-WGCK-C01 for 1988-94

* HHI-WGCK-C07 for 1996-99

* HHI-WGCK-C02 for XL’00-07 & FXD’00-03

* HHI-WGCK-C301 for FXD’04-05

2. Bottom mount headlight BAI-20-6002E

3. Riser bushes AN-08-005

Tech Tips:-

* OEM speedo mount may require modification

* Alteration of steering components i.e. raked triple trees, extended forks etc.may adversly effect the handling and steering geometry of the motorcycle. * Responsibility rests with the customer to select the correct rake and fork length for their particular application.

* RSS advises consultation with a professional skilled in rake and trail calculation.

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