Hawg Halters 6 Degree Raked Triple Tree Kit – Black. Fits V-Rod 2012-2017 with OEM Inverted Front End & 23in. Wheel Upgrade.

Code: HHI-55VFRAR6


In stock

In stock


Fitment Details:-

* Fits Night Rod & Muscle with Inverted Forks.

Features & Benefits:-

* 6 degree triple tree rake results in stock trail geometry when using a 23in. wheel

* Responsive and stable handling.

* Performs as good or better than stock.

* Positions front wheel forward approximately 2in..

* 55mm Kit includes stem nut & Lock Washer # CM-2184-2

* 55mm Kit includes stem nut cover # CM-2058-1.

* 55mm Kit includes Associated Fork & Triple Tree Hardware.

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